Turbo Prop

We have access to a wide collection of turboprop airplanes available for a charter flight. Utilize a turbo prop aircraft for air charter flights of less than 800 miles. Turboprop aircraft range in seating capacity from 4 passengers to 8 passengers in a variety of seating configurations and flight ranges.

Turboprop aircraft were specifically designed to be the most efficient at low altitudes and slower speeds under 450 mph. When turboprops are flown at the correct altitude and airspeed, they are extremely efficient and burn less fuel than most light jets, which in turn lowers the hourly rate of the aircraft. This makes the turboprop jet charter a cost-effective and attractive solution for same-day round trip charter flights.

Another major advantage of turboprops for charter flights is that they have excellent short-field take off and landing capabilities. Most turboprop aircraft have much shorter takeoff and landing distances than light jets, which means they have access to smaller, regional airports with shorter runways. The average light or mid-sized jet requires at least 5,000 feet of runway to safely takeoff and land, while some turboprops can safely take off and land with as little as 3,000 feet of runway length. This grants turboprops access to some of the country’s hardest-to reach airports

As far as luxury goes, turboprop cabins are just as luxurious and as comfortable as most light jets. In fact, there are several turboprop aircraft in our approved aircraft network that are considered among the safest and most luxurious aircraft in the world.