Execuliner Jet

The most exclusive type of private jet is the Execuliner type, which are especially designed for the ultimate in large capacity luxury air travel. The Boeing Business Jet is based on the Boeing 737 commercial jet aircraft family. The Airbus Corporate Jetliner is based on the commercial Airbus 320 jet aircraft family. Embraer’s Lineage 1000 is based on the Embraer 170 commercial jet aircraft. The use of airliners is possible for the movement of large numbers of passengers, as the name suggest Airliners are aircraft contracted from Airliners to service private large capacity requirements.

jet airliner flying longer distances more frequently is a given in today’s global economy. Those privileged to travel on Execuliners have the opportunity to be production en-route and still arrive at their destination relaxed, refreshed, and energetic. Execuliners are commercial airliners reconfigured to provide posh accommodations with every possible convenience. Execuliners are the largest class of private jet aircraft and designed with large, private staterooms, full bathrooms with showers, conference and lounge areas, and other luxurious appointments.

Our unique and extensive worldwide network of approved airline and/or airliner operators ensures that you and your passengers experience only the highest levels of safety, service and comfort aboard any jet airliner charter.