Jet Charter – Miami

We offer Jet Rental and Jet services in Miami Intercontinental Jets Charters specializes in arranging Air charter flights and jet charter service from Miami and to Miami. With access to over 5,000 aircraft that meet the most rigorous standards of safety, With just few hours notice. Intercontinental Jets is able to arrange any type of aircraft regardless of the number of Passengers.
Rent a Private Jet in Miami
Intercontinental Jets Charters will be able to provide it for you. We have access to Turbo Props, Light Jets, Mid Size Jets, Heavy Jets and Execuliners or Jumbo Jets. at your request, so feel free to ask if interested in this type of transportation. Your flight can be booked with only a few hours notice. Don't waste a half a day or more waiting to get your private jet booked when we can have your flight ready within hours of contacting us.
Corporate Jet Charter Miami
We can meet your needs for all types of private jet flights and destinations. Charter flights, air charters, jet charters, executive and corporate jet charters. We can help with all of these in a luxurious and comfortable manner, and get you to your destination on time and without having to worry about connecting flights or layovers. Our commitment to excellence, timely destinations, and safety will have you wanting to come back for more. If it's important to you, it's important to us, so call today and see what you have been missing.
Air Charter Services in Miami
All of our clients enjoy our 24/7/365 customer service, including flight monitoring from takeoff to landing. In addition, we can cater meals and provide airplanes with customized on-board amenities ranging from Internet connections and fax machines to dining /conference rooms and private sleeping quarters in our Business Jets.
Private Jet Air Charter Flights in Miami
Intercontinental Jets Charters has access to thousands of private charter jets. We have the largest selection and fastest service for quick response, exact aircraft selection and full luxury service, for the utmost in client satisfaction. These private airport hubs offer the best in full service and the fastest response to flight requests, even improving on our exceptional 4 hours response.