Heavy Jet charters

There are several advantages towards chartering a private flight on a heavy jet. For starters, most heavy jets have ample amounts of room for yourself and other passengers, with several seating configurations available for your needs. The average capacity for an average heavy jet ranges from 9 to 15 passengers, although other heavy jets such as the Boeing Business Jet can accommodate up to 20 passengers comfortably. The average cruising speed of a heavy jet is also impressive, allowing these jets to cover vast distances quickly and in comfort. Most heavy jets have an average cruising speed of between 500 and 560 miles per hour. These jets can also cover long distances without the need to refuel, with an average nonstop flight range of 4000 miles. With this type of cruising speed and cabin space, heavy jets represent the pinnacle of optimum performance.

Another advantage to flying on a private heavy jet is the ability to fly directly to the destination of your choosing. A heavy jet does not need to land or take off on a major airport runway, which means it can fly in and out of over 5000 regional airports located closer to your destination rather than the 500 commercial airports that are used by commercial carriers. Lines are non-existent when you travel via private charter flight -- you can depart to your destination much quicker and with none of the hassles of the average commercial flight. This means you can say goodbye to the long lines at security checkpoints and hectic baggage claims. In the business world, every second counts, and time spent in lines can be spent in the lap of luxury, while you are heading to your destination.

They are great for those who want to travel non-stop from New York to London, the G550 can fly nonstop from New York to Dubai. They offer in-flight service, enough room for a sit down dinner, plasma TV, and couches that open to beds. When you charter a private jet of this type, rest assured that you will receive only the best in luxury compliments, with in-flight entertainment and catering available, while enjoying the benefits that a private jet charter has to offer. Chartering a heavy private jet is the smart choice, especially if you and other business associates want to avoid delays, cancellations and other problems associated with commercial air travel.