Mid Size Jet

We can arrange for a variety of super mid-size jet charters for your travel convenience. These corporate jets can accommodate groups of 7 to 12 people in different sitting configuration and flight range. Review different medium luxury private jets to find the one that best suits your specific desires.

They have a non-stop range of 2,500 miles and an average cruise speed of 460 MPH. Some newer models like the Citation X can fly coast to coast. Mid-size aircraft can accommodate 4 golfers and their clubs or a family of 6 and luggage for a week vacation. They also offer a full lavatory.

Mid size jets enable passengers to travel with style and comfort, while still saving money on fuel costs and not compromising on performance. Mid size jets range from 20,000 to 40,000 pounds in size for business aircraft. Unlike smaller jets where you have to stoop or bend to enter the main cabin, mid size jets are spacious enough to stand upright in while also providing enough leg room for comfortable travel.

Designed as a private aircraft, the mid size jet is used often as an executive jet, private jet, or air charter. Mid size jets are powerful and big enough to travel from coast to coast easily and up to 5 hours of flight time. Super mid size jets are equipped for transatlantic travel, journeying up to 3,000 miles nonstop. Typical private mid size jets are at least six feet wide with a cabin height of at least five feet nine inches. Often owned or leased by companies, mid size jets are popular for their privacy, convenience, and flexibility.