Empty Legs Charters

An empty leg is an empty chartered private jet or aircraft, on the return flight or outbound of an already booked trip. When an operator or broker has booked the aircraft to fly only one way, they need to bring that aircraft back to its original location or home base. Intercontinental Jets offer these empty legs for a reduced price. Great deals can be found due to the empty flights, in particular for travelers who have open schedules and are willing to fly on short notice. We works with local charter jet operators throughout the world to market and sell their empty leg flights. Through our extensive relationships with aircraft operators worldwide. We are able to provide our clients with the largest selection of discounted empty leg and one-way charter flights in the industry.

Please keep in mind, although empty legs offer the very best value for private air charters they also have a 100% cancellation fee. The reason for the extreme cancellation policy is due to the fact that operators may not have enough time to resell the empty leg. In addition, empty legs are usually not flexible with the departure dates and the buyers schedule must meet the empty legs schedule. The reason for the non flexible scheduling is due to the fact that the empty leg is on a schedule to meet the following booked charter trip.

Take advantage of an empty leg and save up to 75% on the cost of a normal charter.

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Empty leg flights availabilities change all the time. Please fill the Empty Leg Request Form or call us for the most current flights and discount prices