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We specialize in jet rental flight services around the world. We will create a solution tailored to fit any private jet travel need. With an inventory to over 4000's private jets, Intercontinental Jets is a leading provider of private jet charters, with an extraordinary service and years of experience selling charters worldwide. Whether you need only one trip or many, there is no commitment and no upfront cost or other fees. You’ll choose the charter jet make and model for each trip, ensuring you always get the exact charter jet you want for each charter flight. No membership fees, acquisition costs, or monthly maintenance charges. We only require a few hours of notice before your jet charter flight to find you the ideal private jet along with all the extraordinary services that you require.

Every private jet type has a unique set of specifications. These specifications include factors such as: speed, range, baggage capacity and seating configuration. If a particular private jet is faster, or larger than other private jets in its category, the hourly rate may be significantly more for that private jet than the others in the same category. Price will be base on those factors. Be assure that in Intercontinental Jets, we will work to get you the lowest possible rate.

Flying in a private jet is one of the safest and most luxurious ways to travel. Unlike commercial airlines, private jets fly in and out of smaller suburban airports that are closer to departure and destination points. A jet charter allows you access to 5000 destination charter airports vs. just 500 flying commercial. Your charter vacation starts the minute you board the private jet - not when you get to your destination. Chartering a jet allows you to accomplish the most demanding business itinerary. At private terminals, avoid crowded security lines of commercial airports and the jets they serve. Whether a jet or air charter, travel anywhere, anytime on your schedule.

The jets we offer came in all sizes; include turbo props, light jets, midsize jets, heavy jets, Boeing Business jets, and helicopters.

Our dedicated jet charter brokers and personal flight concierge will work together to ensure that every aspect of your private jet hire travels go as smoothly as can be. We work with the most reputable third party FAA certified aircraft and pilots to provide our customers with Wyvern Pass and ARG/US Platinum safety rated aircraft.

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